Providing topmost Engineering & Hospitality services for Public & Private Sector Clients (Especially in the Oil & Gas Sector).


Our Hospitality Services Are Industry Standards

We have mastered the art of blending aesthetics with functionality.

We help our clients optimize value for their hospitality business by helping them with facility management & renovation, customer service, employee recruitment, training, retention, and performance improvement.

Hotel Acquisition

Since our hospitality business launched in 2015, we have continued to increase our opportunities for reaching new customers.

Hotel Management

For us at Rainbow Network Global, customer service is paramount. We ensure our clients get the best value for money.

Logitics & Supply of Goods

We provide timely services for clients interested in acquisition, moving or hauling goods and products.

Onshore & Offshore Catering Services

We understand the importance of efficiency & quality for catering services for clients.


Engineering Services Based On Innovation & Efficiency

We have qualified, well trained engineers, technicians and project managers that consistently guarantee results.

At RNGSL we recognize the individuality of each client's requirements, and provide the client with cost-effective solutions that meet their specific Engineering need.

Quality Control and Dimensional Inspection

We bring a high level of standard into all the projects we handle for our client as regards QC & project certification.

Maintenance & Construction of Oil & Gas Storage Tanks

We construct and maintain Oil & Gas tanks using Innovative solutions from our team of experts.

Supply and Maintenance of Marine Equipment

We supply marine equipments of standard quality as well as carry out maintenance with practical solutions .

Residential & Commercial Building Design & Construction

We take away the headache from our clients & help with the logistics involved in moving their marine equipment.

Onshore and Offshore Construction

We have on demand the best tools & equipment, resources & personnel for welding & fabrication projects.

Pipelines & Equipment Maintenance

We have a high level of standard and maintenance policy which we bring to every of our clients projects.


We have mastered the art and science of blending functionality and aesthetics when it comes to building design.

Onshore & Offshore Machining

No matter the complexity of our clients challenge, we always guarantee them the best design & machining solution.

Civil Engineering Works

Our team of civil and construction engineers have garnered a very wide breadth of experience over the years.

Dredging Services

Contracted by government & private companies whenever they need trusted dredging services.

Flange Design & Manufacturing

Our team of design and manufacturing only need to discuss with you, and they can bring all your ideas to life..

Welding and Fabrication

We have on demand the best tools & equipment, resources & personnel for welding & fabrication projects.


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